Marina Motors on Skinner Street in South Grafton is a local and independently owned mechanical repair and servicing business meeting the needs of local motorists and their vehicles since 1998.
Marina Motors is fully trained, qualified and licensed to handle a wide variety of repairs and servicing on your vehicle, from small family sedans through to large four-wheel drive and commercial vehicles. We keep regularly updated in the latest training and workshop tools and diagnostic and test equipment.
Servicing and Tune Ups: - Services and tune ups for all makes and models.
New Car Servicing: - We can carry out all car manufacturer's scheduled services, stamping and maintaining your log book. Your new car warranty is validated and protected.
Exhausts: - Repairs and replacement of all exhaust systems.
General Vehicle Repair: - As well as servicing your vehicle we can look after all of your other repair requirements, from brakes to clutches to suspension and cooling systems.
Fault Finding: - With extensive training and the latest diagnostic and test equipment you get fast and accurate analysis of your vehicles faults, saving you both time and money.
Suspension Test: - Keep your vehicle steering and braking safely and your tyres wearing evenly, with our shock absorber test you will receive a detailed printed report showing the condition of each corner of your vehicle and axle balance.
Pink Slips: - With e-Safety Check you can visit the RTA website and pay for your car registration online - no more standing in queues.
Engine Misfire Analysis: - Advanced Combustion Efficiency and Misfire Detection Analysis will give you a complete report on the combustion efficiency of your engine making sure you don't waste valuable dollars on poor fuel consumption.
Fuel System & Carbon Cleaning: - Keep your vehicle running at its optimum and save money at the pump. Performing an engine carbon clean will help rings and valves sealing ability and a fuel Injection system service will help keep the injectors and fuel rails clean.
4WDs and Commercials: - Servicing both petrol and diesel 4WD and commercial vehicles.

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Marina Motors

26-28 Skinner Street South Grafton NSW 2460
Phone: 6642 7516   Fax: 6642 4990